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  • 2014’

    Jan - Constructed 3D system to Gwangmyeong mine cave
                            Feb - Constructed 3D Silverscreen to Climate and Environment Pavilion(Suwon)
                            Mar - Supplied 3D contents to Gwangmyeong mine cave
                            May - Constructed theater screen to National Mountain Museum
                            Jul - Constructed Rearscreen to Hyundaicard Headquarters
                            Aug - Constructed 3D Silverscreen and Rearscreen to Meteorological Science Museum(Daegu)
                            Aug - Constructed Holoscreen to Gwangju Biennale
    - Constructed 3D Silverscreen to Istanbul in Gyeongju
                            Oct - Constructed largest circle 3D screen to The Korea Economic Daily
                            Oct - Constructed 3D Silverscreen to UN Peace Memorial Hall
                            Nov - Supplied 3D Glasses to Baekje Cultural Land
                            Dec - Constructed theater screen to Chongju University
                            Dec - Constructed constant temperature & humidity System of Projector to Hwaam Cave


  • 2013’
  • Feb - Constructed 3D Silverscreen to Korea Airforce 10th fighter wing                                           
                            Mar - Constructed 3D Silverscreen to FEELUX Lighting Museum
                            Apr - Participated Infocomm China 2013
                            Jun - Constructed Holoscreen to Everland
                            Aug - Constructed  theater screen to Imsil-gun
                            Aug - Constructed UV Rearscreen to Johnnie Walker House™
                            Sep - Constructed Holoscreen to District(Kintex)
                            Nov - Constructed 3D Silverscreen to LH Infrastructures((Dontan information center)
                            Dec - Supplied 3D Glasses to Seoul Metropolitan & Disaster Headquarters
                            Dec - Constructed theater screen to JeongHwa Arts University
                            Dec - Constructed theater screen to Climate and Environment Pavilion(Damyang)

  • 2012’
  • Feb - Constructed 4D LIVE PARK to Dstrict(KINTEX Theater)
              The world's largest circle 3D screen.                                                   Mar - Developed Vertical & Angle of 45 degrees  HOLO Screen
    Apr - Participated Infocomm China 2012 
    Jun - Participated Communic Asis 2012
    Jun- Strategic partnership with ENTHEOS.LLP.Singapore.
    Sep - Constructed circle 3D screen to 751 D-Park(Beijing, China)               Oct - Constructed 3D theater to LG  R&D Center                                           Nov - Launch a new product 3D Glasses(2Layer Molding)
    Dec - Constructed 3D theater to KBS(Suwon)
  • 2011’
  • Feb - Signed for 3D Screen with PPS(Public Procurement Service)
    Mar - Certification of ISO9001
    Mar - Certification of ISO14001
    Oct - Participated KES 2011, The world 3D Expo(KINTEX)
    Oct - Participated Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2011
  • 2010’
  • Jan - Developed the Pepper’s Ghost Holo Film
    Mar - Participated BUY KOREA 2010
    May - Participated WORLD IT SHOW 2010
    Mar - Developed the World of first 3D Glasses(Circular Lens Goggle Type)
    Jun - Associate of the 3DFIA(3D Fusion Industry Association)
    Sep - Participated Korea ITC RoadShow China 2010
    Oct - Participated KES(Korea Electronics Show)2010
    Oct - Developed Stereoscopics Server HD Player
    Nov - Developed China Electronics Fair 2010(International 3D Fair)
    Nov - T-works received an Achievement award from China Electronics Fair 2010(International 3D Fair)
    Nov - Participated IT Trade Mission 2010(Malasia, Vietnam)
    Nov - Participated Infocomm Asia 2010
    Dec - Eveloped the 3D Glasses use for Junior and Weman
  • 2009’
  • Mar - Participated Global Trade Meet 2009
    Mar - Acquire "Export Enterprise" certificate issued by SMBA
    Jun - Participated Infocomm USA 2009(Orlando)
    Oct - Participated KES 2009, The world 3D Expo(KINTEX)
    Oct - Participated World Korean Business Convention(Incheon)
    Oct - Participated Dubai, Morocco-Korean IT Business Partnership 2009
    Nov - Participated Infocomm China 2009(Beijing)
  • 2008’
  • Apr - Participated NAB Show 2008(Las Vegas)
    Jul - Participated CES CHINA 2008(Qingdao International Convention Center)
    Oct - Participated G-Fair 2008(KINTEX)
    Nov - Participated China-Korea IT Business Partnership 2008(Shenzhen)
    Nov - Participated Vietnam Int'l Trade Fair 2008(Hanoi)
    Nov - Participated Malaysia-Korea IT Business Partnership 2008(Kuala Lumpur)
    Nov - Participated ITC 2008
  • 2007’
  • Mar - Participated The 17th Korea Franchise Business Expo 2007(Korea)
    Mar - Participated Malaysia-Korea Business Partnership 2007
    Apr - Acquire "Export Enterprise" certificate issued by SMBA
    Apr - Participated Vietnam Expo 2007
    Sep - Participated Imaging Expo/Interphoto Shanghai 2007
    Oct - Participated KES(Korea Electronics Show)2007
    Nov - Participated Taipei TV & Film Festival 2007
    Nov - Participated 3D Fair 2007
    Dec - Participated Vietnam Int'l Trade Fair 2007 in Ho Chi Minh City
  • 2006’
  • Jan - Participated China International Large Screen Display Equipment & Digital Broadcast
    Technology Exhibition 2006(Beijing)
    Feb - Signed for trade business tieup with Chungbuk University
    Mar - Acquire "Export Enterprise" certificate issued by SMBA
    Apr - Registered patent for Non-woven Screen with flat
    Apr - Registered patent for FR-PVC Screen which mixes the pigment
    Apr - Participated Malaysia-Korea Business Partnership 2006
    Apr - Participated Thai-Korea Business Partnership 2006
    Apr - Participated ICT 2006 (International ICT Expo)
    Apr - Opens the exhibition hall in Russia
    Apr - Participated Russia-Korea Business Partnership 2006
    Apr - Participated Ukraine-Korea Business Partnership 2006
    May - Participated Homeshopping Fair 2006
    Sep - Registered patent for High Brightness Screen
    Sep - Registered patent for Impact and Simulation Screen
    Sep - Registered patent for Floor Screen
    Sep - Registered patent for Non Curling Gears for Screen
    Sep - Participated Korea-China International Fair 2006
    Sep - Participated Kyunggi International Venture 2006
    Sep - Printed in Metro Seoul News Paper
    Oct - Registered patent for Film Screen
    Nov - Participated GITEX DUBAI Show 2006
    Nov - Acquire "2006 5th Patent Products" certificate issued by Korea Daily
    Nov - Participated Korean Best Products Show 2006 (India - Mombay)
    Nov - Participated India telecom Show 2006 (India - New Delhi)
  • 2005’
  • Jan - Registered patent for methord of Dual screen product
    Jan - Participated ISE 2005 (Infocomm Europe)
    Feb - Aired on ET News TV
    Mar - Printed in Sports Chosun
    Apr - Participated ICT 2005 (International ICT Expo)
    Apr - Participated ISC 2005 (InfoComm China & Asia)
    May - Participated FPD 2005 (Flat Panel Display Expo)
    Jun - Participated Kyunggi International Venture 2005
    Aug - Participated International 4nShow 2005
    Sep - Participated Hi-Tech Fair Beijing 2005
    Oct - Printed in kyeongin Daily
    Nov - Printed in Maeil Business News Paper
  • 2004’
  • Jan -Developed the World of first Screen by Photo Storage
    Mar - Patented for the manufacturing method of dual screen and others
    Mar - Choose as Excellent video screen by Small Business Administration
    Mar - Aired on Daily Economy TV as Excellent Products
    May~Jul - Printed in Korea Daily Economy , Sports Chosun, and Kyunggi Economy 21
    Jul -Registered patent for Dual screen attachable on glass
    Jul - Start Dual Viewer business at HaanSoft(Witools) Co.,Ltd.
    Aug - Registered patent for Multi-Roll Screen equipment
    Sep -Participated CeBIT Eurasia 2004
    Oct - Participated Korea High Tech 2004 and chosen as its member
    Oct - Participated Kyunggi International Venture 2004
    Oct - Participated SMAU IT 2004
    Nov - Aired on Arirang TV (Company Close UP)
    Nov - Acquire "Frontier Business" certificate issued by SMBA
    Dec - Printed in I-channel as a promising venture company
  • 2003’
  • Jan - Choose as Excellent game (Asterix, Wacky Race) Aired on ITV and Game TV
    Mar - Supplied CollinMcrae Rally to BAT Inc sponsored Motor racing
    Mar - Screen media enterprise start
    Aug - Supplied game software to Lesvision Inc.
  • 2002’
  • Apr - Signed for business tieup with KARA
    Jun - Signed for distributorship with Yuldoguk Inc for "Weird rabbit" online game
    Aug - Organized the event of ColinMcrae rally at Chunchun rally
    Oct - Organized the rally game of Speedway and the event of 3D Monitor at Yongin city
    Oct - Signed for distributorship with Atari Inc(Infogrames)
  • 2001’
  • Oct - T-Works Co., Ltd. was established (separated from PKO developed world first game-league)
    Oct - Singed for sole distributorship with Atari Inc(Infogrames)
    Dec - Supplied "Asterix game" to Literature & Intellectuality Co.